Meet our supporters: Nathan Sutter

We are so happy to have the support and advice of Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher Nathan Sutter. Below is an excerpt from his bio:

After previous years spent in community as an apprentice yoga teacher, and farm hand, monastic life came naturally to me and I found relief in this treasured time of training, study, practice and as an older monk, in time spent on the road. Post monastic life, I continue as a member of Nhat Hahn’s ‘Order of Inter-being’, finding ways to embody the possibility of sanity, balance, care and to quote the late Mary Oliver “something meaningful to work hard at”. I believe contemplation to be a gathering, a preparing of the earth and waiting. A disciplined time spent waiting for a revelation that can shift our fundamental view of life, allowing us to experience something personal, maybe liberating, possibly less cliché, often a deliberately courageous attempt at a meaningful life.

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