Meet our supporters: Skye Indira and Miraz Mandozay

Such a joy to welcome to our support team these two: deep ecologists, plant medicine practitioners and community builders both. below is an excerpt from their bio:

“As lovers of nature and long-term dharma practitioners, we have been lit up by the movement of Deep Ecology / The Work That Reconnects. We currently facilitate retreats and study groups to raise awareness, build resilience and keep ourselves sane. We also facilitate breathwork, plant medicine and nature immersion intensives. 

We are passionate about ecological identification, protection and regeneration. As warm-blooded human animals, we are deeply disturbed by the trajectory of our civilisation and the separation consciousness on which it is premised. Now, more than ever, we feel the imperative to explore Earth-friendly culture and ways of being – including spirituality, community, permaculture and soul-centric early childhood education.”

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